Patchwork Architecture Laboratory
Olof Palmes Gata 14


Patchwork Architecture Laboratory is an Architecture Studio in Stockholm working both as designing architects, project lead on building sites, analysts and lecturers. Established as a studio in 2007, the aim of the studio is to work in close relation to commissioners, contractors, builders, society and others involved in the proejcts to reach solutions that are both functional and insipring, and that answers to what the commissioner seeks as far as possible while adding values and qualities in the process. The studio's aim is for everyone included in the project to not only be satisfied with the result, but to be proud of what has been accomplished.

While offering consultancy for building projects, architecture analysis and so on, and with a main focus on architectural design, studio members also give lectures on architecture, urban design and the building process, not and actively engage in education, research and artistic experiments.

Finally, patchwork aims to serve as a platform for architecture and design in general, and for those involved to continuously develop themselves - be it through research, art, or other activities, inside or outside of Patchwork

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries regarding projects or other work.