Patchwork Architecture Laboratory
Olof Palmes Gata 14


Magnus Helgesson is an Architect and Engineer working as designing architect and teacher. Magnus also works as a teacher (adjunct) at KTH, the department of Civil and Architectural Engineering.

Graduating from the KTH School of Architecture in 2001, he has had various works in the industry before. Just before the Architecture education he was working with education questions at Stockholms Byggmästareförening (The Stockholm Association of Building Contractors), and before this he worked as an organiser on construction sites. After finnishing the School of Architecture Magnus started to work on the Architecture Studio BBH.

Paralell with the work at BBH Magnus participated in architecture competitions such as the cathedral visitors’ and tourist centre in Lund. In 2006 Magnus, then working at Qumewa AB, was commissioned with the redesign of SL’s old main office in Blåsut into a high school for crafts students and main office for Stockholms Hantverksförening, which was performed in collaboration with Daniel Koch and Unn Malm. It is partly based on the success of this work Patchwork was founded.

Following the founding of Patchwork, Magnus has become a teacher in the Construction Management and Construction and Design programmes at KTH.