- Patchwork Architecture Laboratory -

With Unn Malm, Architect, Mondial. Images open up in a new window.

Entrance Floor: Reception, Woodcraft, Dressing Rooms, Gymnastics

First Floor: Textiles, Wood, Hairdresser, Cheramics, Leather

Second Floor: Classrooms

Project Description

The crafts shool Hantverksakademin is a secondary school for crafts students, under the supervision of Stockholms Hantverksförening. From the school year of 2006-2007 the intention was to gather all workshops and classrooms under one roof, together with Hantverksföreningen, which as part-goal had the possibility for students to try out several crafts before making decisions, and furthermore to be inspired to co-operation between crafts. For this, SL's old main office in Blåsut, south of Stockholm, was rebuilt from a fairly standard corridor and cell office into a school with classrooms, workshops, dressing rooms, a library and a gymnastics hall. The project was designed and built in a surprisingly short time, much dependant on the co-operative spirit with which it was performed by Hantverksakademin, the builders, and designers.