Project Portfolio: Extension of Summer Resort, Torö
- Patchwork Architecture Laboratory -

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Proposition for the Extension

Project Description

This summer resort in Torö is slightly too small for the family living in it, and is in need of some extension, just as the steep ground needs to be handled to allow easy outdoor life during the different times of day. The proposition includes enlargening the livingroom part of the resort to reach as far as the existing roof, which allows for a smaller extension of the bedroom past the side window. With much care taken to make the new terraces as close to the ground as possible at all times, as well as making sure no trees need to be taken down, the terrace system gives one wind-shielded space outside of the diningplace for afternoons and dinnertime, one terrace to the northwest for evening sun, and one lower terrace for the morning sun - also providing stairs past the steep slope towards the sea.